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My Dream is a Knockin’

My late son TJ planted a dream within me. It all started when I got pregnant. Immediately after we learned about this new life, I became inexplicably drawn to food television. Over the course of my pregnancy, this new love...
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CSP on ABC’s Full Plate

I’ve been featured on ABC’s Full Plate!
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Oh My Rødgrød!

Selected by NYC, Chicago, and Devour! Food Film Festivals, this short film features 6’6″ Chef Rasmus Kristensen as he creates a modern-day version of the traditional Danish dessert Rødgrød Med Fløde. You can taste this actual dessert at The Copenhagen...
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Devour! The Food Film Fest Selects: Oh My Rødgrød!

Devour! The Food Film Fest, hosted by one of my food television idols Anthony Bourdain, is playing our short film today. Wahoo. Technically it is food porn. Or a short film, without dialog, featuring hyper-close-ups of sexy food. This little...
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What’s NEXT from the Creator of the Cronut?

The creator of the Cronut is at it again. ChopSizzlePop is behind-the-scenes with Chef Dominique Ansel for the reveal of his TOP SECRET invention! It’s rich. It’s gooey. And it’s inspired by my all-time favorite dessert. What is it? Watch...
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What is Saskatoon?

Boost your food IQ: What is Saskatoon? Saskatoons are juicy sweet berries native to Canada. They are similar to a blueberries in size, color, texture, and taste—with a nutty flavor and none of the sourness of blueberries. Their antioxidant levels...
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Emilia-Romagna Restaurant Bliss

As a food editor and writer, I’m convinced that Emilia-Romagna is home to the best food in the world. My family agrees. And so began the trip of a lifetime. We spend a good portion of my parent’s 50th wedding...
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NYC Food Film Festival Selection: Oh My Rødgrød!

As I look back over 2013, creating the food film short Oh My Rødgrød! as well as the video What’s NEXT From the Creator of the Cronut? were some of the biggest thrills of the year. In 2013, my husband...
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Oh My Rødgrød! Trailer & The Food Film Festival

Sneak peeks, aquavit, and trailers, oh my! To get in the mood for the upcoming NYC Food Film Festival, this post is packed with pre-Festival goodies. For those of you not yet acquainted with our super-short food film Oh My...
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Our Film Has Been Selected: NYC Food Film Festival!

I’m thrilled to announce that our food film has been selected for the NYC Food Film Festival (NYCFFF)…WAHOO! My husband Troy and I have a special place in our hearts for this Festival (and its producers) because it was our...
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Dinner Party: Crab Style

One of the best parts about working with David Rosengarten is following his food recommendations around New York City. With 40 years of experience as a James Beard award winning food journalist, NYC restaurant critic for Gourmet magazine, and television...
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NYC Food Film Festival Recap

Unlike any other film festival, the New York City Food Film Festival is “like a dream” according to ABC News. From our perspective, it is a thrilling ride. Countless tastes, 38 films, six events, five days, and a ton of...
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Go Ramen!

Last night was an ode to the upcoming I ♥ Japan event featured in NYC Food Film Festival’s lineup. Chef Keizo Shimamoto, star of the film Ramen Dreams and blogger of Go Ramen! arrived from Tokyo for the festival. The...
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NYC Food Film Festival Goodies

Get ready to indulge your senses with the 6th Annual NYC Food Film Festival from October 17-21 where you “taste what you see on the screen.” Hosted by and benefiting the Food Bank For New York City and in association...
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What is Bagna càuda?

Bagna càuda is a traditional dish from the Piedmont region of Italy. It’s an anchovy and garlic sauce served with dipping veggies like boiled potatoes, bell peppers, fennel, cabbage, and my fave, topinambur root (similar to artichoke). Troy and I...
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Outtake: Catching the Funnies

Outtake: Catching the Funnies The sheep have the last laugh. For serious food scoop, click below to watch mini-webisodes from our working farm tour in Italy.
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Harvesting Olives – Part I

Harvesting Olives–Part I Discover how to harvest olives in Guido Gualandi’s Tuscan olive grove. For more detailed information and photos, check out our blog posts below: What Makes Extra Virgin Olive Oil Great How to Harvest Olives
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How to Make Pecorino in the Alps

After herding and milking sheep at the cheese factory Rionca (see webisode here), we are now ready to make Pecorino. At this family cheese factory, everything is made by hand. Each day 20 liters of milk is gathered to make...
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At the Press, Turning Olives into Olive Oil – Part II

At The Press, Turning Olives into Olive Oil–Part II Take an exclusive look at how to press olives into olive oil in Tuscany, Italy. For more information and photos, click on our blog post below: At the Press-Turning Olives into...
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Bottling Olive Oil by Hand-Part III

Bottling Olive Oil by Hand–Part III Watch as we bottle olive oil by hand in Guido Gualandi’s cellar. For more information and photos, click on our blog post below: Bottling Olive Oil by Hand
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How To Make Cappelletti Pasta

How To Make Cappelletti Pasta For more cappelletti scoop, check out: Blog Posts – Cappelletti Part I, Part II, Part III (filling, pasta, broth) Recipes - Cappelletti Filling, Pasta Dough, Cappelletti Brodo (broth)
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Herding & Milking Sheep in the Italian Alps

Making Pecorino Cheese: Herding & Milking Sheep For more information and photos, click on our blog post below: Herding Sheep at Rionca Cheese Factory
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How to Make Pecorino Cheese: Webisode

Making Pecorino Cheese at Rionca To see the finished product, photos, and more Pecorino scoop, click on our blog post below: How to Make Pecorino at Rionca
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An Italian B&B: Agriturismo Due Papaveri

An Italian B&B: Agriturismo Due Papaveri Join our tour of Agriturismo Due Papaveri, a stunning bed & breakfast and gourmet restaurant located between Modena and Bologna, Italy. For more information and photos, click on our blog posts below: Pizza Pizza!...
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Herding Sheep at the Cheese Factory Rionca

Troy and I are thrilled to share our coverage of the Rionca Cheese Factory in the Italian Alps. This was one of our favorite stops on our working farm tour in Italy. We arrived to the Tondella Franzino family home...
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Farms Stays-Edible Columbus-Manchester Hill

Happy 4th of July! In celebration of the holiday, we are posting our Edible Columbus article featuring the farm stay phenomenon. Farm stays—or staying overnight on a working farm—are taking America by storm as a unique vacation option for the...
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CSA Article in Accent Magazine

Check out our article on Columbus Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) featuring Rock Dove Farm and Bluescreek Farm Meats in Accent Magazine. To see the full version of the article, go to pages 58-59 (film roll 60-61) in this issue of...
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Hubert Keller’s Signature Short Rib Burger

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Hubert Keller Burger Tips

We welcome Chef Hubert Keller to Columbus, Ohio for the WOSU Public Media Chefs in the City event. The star dish of the evening was Chef Keller’s All-Ohio Signature Short Rib Burger. This is no surprise—burgers are Chef Keller’s business....
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Chefs in the City 2012

WOSU Public Media’s 2012 Chefs in the City televised event featured celebrity chef Hubert Keller, six local chefs, cooking demos, and eight courses. This annual culinary extravaganza is one of Columbus’ most celebrated occasions. Following the hors d’oeuvres and wine...
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Hubert Keller Podcasts: White House-TV-Food

In Chef Keller’s Own Words (click to listen below) In celebration of Chef Hubert Keller hosting WOSU’s Chefs in the City event on May 3rd, ChopSizzlePop! is sharing snippets of our interview podcast with him below. Chef Keller’s experience as...
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Ask the Chef: Hubert Keller

Here is your chance to ask the world-renowned Hubert Keller your very own question! To enter, email your question to by 10am tomorrow. We will include up to 10 of your questions in our upcoming interview with Chef Keller....
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Whole Foods Parmesan Sale this Friday

Whole Foods Market in Dublin is having a HUGE sale on Parmesan cheese this Friday, April 20. Parmesan only gets better as it ages, so it’s a good time to stock up. It will be $11.99 per pound this Friday...
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Anne Kearney

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Top 10 Hostess Gifts

Happy holidays! As you hop between parties this holiday season, arm yourself with tasty hostess gifts. Check out our article in Accent Magazine for five gift ideas under $100 and five under $25. Click to read Top 10 Hostess Gifts....
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Who We Are

Who We Are
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Off to Italy

Welcome to ChopSizzlePop! My husband and I are absolutely thrilled to launch this food blog. It has been such a pleasure to bring it to life, and we hope you enjoy it. A bit about who we are and why...
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