7 on Fulton

Chef Matthew Fultz

Troy and I had the pleasure of spending an evening with Chef Matthew Fultz at 7 on Fulton during our stay in New Orleans. Chef Hartmut Handke, one of Columbus’ all time greats, touted Matthew Fultz among the best in New Orleans and suggested that we look him up.

7 on Fulton is located in the Wyndham Riverfront New Orleans Hotel (where we also chose to stay). Although we were not in love with the Wyndham Riverfront Hotel, we adored Matthew Fultz. 7 on Fulton appeared to be a little known gem with far too many vacant chairs for the caliber of cuisine served.

We gave Matt full discretion over the meal. The best parts of the experience were his clever twists on unique southern ingredients. It was like hearing a song for the first time when the lyrics stay with you for days.

Each course built on the last in terms of depth and fullness of flavor. The Seven Salad was decadent consisting of lobster tails, avocado, bacon lardons, chives and jalapeƱo vinaigrette. It was well balanced with rich and bright ingredients, salty notes and freshness.

Next came one perfectly round handmade ravioli filled with braised alligator and topped with Creole sauce. The dish allowed the alligator to shine. It was wonderfully gamey, tender and recognizable. It was my favorite dish.

Now for homemade crawfish pies with foie gras, microgreens, fennel and wild mushrooms in a duck reduction. A fun take on crawfish and we had never tasted anything like it before. As Troy said “mmmm spicy pies…they’ve got some punch…this guy really knows what he is doing”.

Walleye with fried carrots

After 17 years in the trenches, it is clear that Matt’s culinary chops are honed. As we eat on we savor walleye with fried carrots in a tomato broth, savory bread pudding, smoked lentils, succulent maple leaf duck, wild roasted turnip puree, Sui pork that swam in duck fat for 24 hours and ended on chocolate mousse with a dash of New Orleans rum.

This meal knocked our socks off and left us with an upscale taste of Louisiana as well as the feeling that we had been let in on a very special secret. I highly recommend that you taste the creations of Chef Matthew Fultz if you get the chance.

To learn more about Matthew Fultz and find out his favorite go-to spots in New Orleans, check out his Chef Rec here.

And to see more photographs of Matt’s insane dishes, visit our facebook page.

Chocolate Mousse

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