Amish Country

The Simple Life

Troy and I went to Amish Country to research our “Worth the Trip” piece for Edible Columbus magazine. Our mission was to discover gourmet finds, hidden gems, and Amish treasures in this peaceful part of Ohio. Turns out, it is definitely worth the trip.

Made by Hand

For those of you who enjoy responsibly grown, organic, and local food—Amish Country is for you. Located northeast of Columbus, it is the largest settlement of Amish and Mennonite families in the country.

My favorite part was the feeling of security that washed over us as we drove the curvy landscape. People take care of each other here.

Then we started exploring. We got lost on the back roads, and our journey unfold slowly.

Fresh and Local

Our best finds were tattered signs that led to farm houses selling ripe produce, handmade baskets and fresh jams. Eggs were hours old. Be sure to stop by the Guggisberg Cheese factory and taste the country’s original Baby Swiss cheese. Their fondue is also tasty (recipe coming soon).

If you want to add luxury to your trip, stay at the Inn at Honey Run. You become nestled in a treehouse made of glass. Chef Scott Fetty works magic in its kitchen and the grounds envelope. We will be posting Chef Fetty’s recommendation this week.

Check out our article in Edible Columbus here.

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