Book Launch: January 28

Announcing the release of The Gift of the Ladybug on January 28, 2012!

I don’t write too much about our personal story on this blog, but our beautiful baby boy TJ passed away 2.5 years ago from a genetic condition called Leigh syndrome. In fact, it was TJ who inspired us to create this blog in the first place (as you may have read on our About page).

After learning about the severity of TJ’s condition, a moving story entered into my head about a ladybug and its horse parents. I wrote the story for TJ’s Christmas present and was able to read it to him countless times. It’s been a few years since TJ passed, and we are now ready to publish this story to help other families.

Inspired by the wisdom and brilliance of our late son TJ Amber, The Gift of the Ladybug is a magical children’s story of love, joy, and acceptance through the eyes of two horses that learn their son is actually a handsome little ladybug. On January 28, TJ’s birthday, we honor him with the release of this book.

Troy and I would like to invite you to participate in our launch date activities on January 28.

JANUARY 28 ONLY: Release Date Activities

The Gift of the Ladybug will be released for sale on January 28 through Amazon and

70% of book proceeds donated to the UMDF (ONLY on January 28): 35% from us, 35% from local companies

Pistacia Vera Launch Day Celebration (7am-7pm): Receive a $5 gift card with your book order, see the book revealed and meet the author from 9am-noon.

• Books available for donation to children with life threatening conditions: Donate books to help children feel like “a kid again” through Bobby’s Books and A Kid Again

The Gift of the Ladybug is a treasure unlike any other I have read. It teaches us to embrace our differences in a way that is heartfelt and honest. May we all be blessed with a ladybug in our lives as special as Polkadot!”

—Jennifer Taylor, Director of Bobby’s Books

We hope to see you Saturday.

Lots of love,
Carole & Troy

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