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Counting Donated Books

January 28—TJ’s birthday and the release of The Gift of the Ladybug honoring him—was one of the most special days of our lives, and a huge success.

Thanks to our readers and supporters, we will be donating 258 books to children with life threatening illnesses through Bobby’s Books and A Kid Again. The photo above shows Jennifer Taylor and me unpacking books to be donated to children in need. Troy and I will be handing out these books to children and their families this Sunday at an event hosted by A Kid Again at the Westerville Community Center.

We also raised thousands of dollars for UMDF, which will help this organization search for a cure for Leigh syndrome.

To top it off, Amazon results exceeded our expectations on January 28. The Gift of the Ladybug became a best-seller and below are the Amazon release day rankings:

#1 Amazon Movers & Shakers (% increase in sales rank)
#2 Amazon Hottest New Children’s Book
#8 Amazon Children’s Book Sales
#17 Amazon Overall Book Sales

Go TJ go!

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