Cherries for Breakfast

Cherry Anise Jam

This post is dedicated to cherries and breakfast. Two of my favorite things. We wanted to share our BEST breakfast jam recipe as well as tell you how Charlotte serves breakfast every morning for her B&B customers.

If it is a warm morning, the wwoofing team sets the table(s) outside (for those of you who are new to the blog, Troy and I are wwoofing, which is a term used for people who work at an organic farm in exchange for room and board). If it is chilly, we drape a flannel blanket over each chair and people wrap themselves up while they sip coffee. Delicious, right?

The setting overlooking the Modenese hills is out of a story book, and so is this simple breakfast. It consists of coffee, blood red orange juice, sliced meat (generally salami, prosciutto or mortadella), fruit, warm homemade bread sprinkled with poppy seeds, caciotta (soft cows milk cheese from the local Parmigiano-Reggiano factory) and jam.

Breakfast On The Hills

We usually stack the bread with caciotta and then smother the cheese with Charlotte’s homemade jams. Sinful. Charlotte makes many types of tasty jams and our BEST is without a doubt Cherry Anise.

We can see the rows of cherry trees on Charlotte’s property. This jam is dripping with succulently sweet cherry and I can taste sunshine. Not too sweet and rounded out with a zing of lemon. The best part is the subtle hint of anise flavor. It brings out the boldness of the fruit and lies perfectly in the background of this jam.

Big, bright, beautiful cherry jam for breakfast. Try it for yourself. You can buy it directly from Charlotte through or if you speak Dutch, visit

Or you can get your hands sticky and make it yourself by visiting the recipe tab on this blog. Enjoy.

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