Dinner Party: Crab Style

One of the best parts about working with David Rosengarten is following his food recommendations around New York City. With 40 years of experience as a James Beard award winning food journalist, NYC restaurant critic for Gourmet magazine, and television personality on Food Network—his palate and experience are second to none. Plus, sharing a meal with him is a blast.

Troy recently did a photo shoot with David showcasing his Riesling wines, which led to an eating extravaganza revealing David’s secrets for finding the best blue crabs in New York City. We decided to turn these tips into a dinner party for a few friends. Below are highlights, so that you too, can enjoy the sweetest blue crabs around.

* Go to Aqua Best in Chinatown for the best blue crabs in NYC
* Buy female blue crabs (for the roe); 3pp
* Cook in boiling water for 12 minutes
* Store in refrigerator 1-2 days before serving
* Eat cold
* Serve with spicy mayo, melted butter, or plain
* Sides: baguettes, corn rolled in butter/finely grated Parmesan/pinch of cayenne; cucumber and red onion salad

Crab on!

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