Farewell, Due Papaveri

Farewell, Due Papaveri

Troy and I are sad to leave delicious Due Papaveri. We will miss the wonderful food, luxurious grounds (see CSP-TV) and most of all, Charlotte, Willie and Luca.

Our Kitchen Mate, Luca

As I was staring out over the hills, Charlotte says “don’t worry, you will be back”. That helps. We will be back, and I’m already excited about it.

We hop in Charlotte’s SUV and make that memorable drive over chestnut shells. We stop on the hilltop so that Troy can shoot a few last minute photographs of Due Papaveri (above).

As we pile back in the car, we gather Charlotte’s Chef Rec. She is fascinating. She has traveled extensively and has an exquisite taste in food. Her recommendations shed light on her vast experiences and give us many BESTS to hunt down and taste. Our next trip takes shape in our minds as we listen to Charlotte’s experiences in Asia. Follow Charlotte’s BESTS by clicking the Chef Rec tab.

Our Host, Charlotte

Charlotte is originally from Denmark. Her training in culinary arts began when she was only 14. She remembers her instructors fondly and says that they taught her well. She learned how to butcher a pig before she learned to drive a car.

When she was 18, she moved to Italy to study economics at the University in Bologna. She never left. When I asked her why she decided to live in Italy, she replied “it’s exactly where I want to live”.

Her passion for cooking grew as she immersed herself in Italian techniques and traditions. She said that her proudest moment was when a group of women from Benedello (a tiny town just up the hill from Due Papaveri) chose to celebrate an 80th birthday at Due Papaveri. As Charlotte says “these women have been making pasta their entire lives… they even have their own cows… their mark of approval is the test of all tests”. The day went off without a hitch and the women loved Charlotte’s cooking. Proof positive that Charlotte has mastered Italian cooking.

Our Host, Willie

Troy and I are huge fans of Charlotte’s cuisine as well. If you ever have the opportunity, I recommend staying at Due Papaveri. You can take week-long cooking classes, visit the Parmigiano-Reggiano and Balsamic Vinegar factories or just enjoy this stunning setting.

Charlotte and Willie, thank you for your generous hospitality! Willie, thanks for the wonderful conversations. Charlotte, thank you for teaching us your cooking techniques and sharing how to run a bed and breakfast. We have learned so much.

We hope you all have enjoyed the stories, recipes, video and photos from Due Papaveri. Feel free to visit Charlotte’s web site here.

Below are our Due Papaveri BESTS
*Private tour of Parmigiano-Reggiano factory (Parmigiano-Reggiano Waltz post)
*Pasta cooking class (Pasta Party post)
*Charlotte’s Tortellini (recipe tab)
*Pizza party on the terrace (Pizza Pizza post)
*Balsamic Orange Jam with Parmigiano-Reggiano (recipe tab)
*Cherry Anise jam and fresh bread for breakfast (Cherries for Breakfast post & recipe tab)
*Light lunch (Light Lunch on the Hills post)
*Tomino cheese with truffle butter and salt (Dinner Service post)
*Sale di Mima (recipe tab)
*Carrot Cake with Mascarpone Cream and Vanilla Rum (recipe tab)

Coming soon… Troy and I take on making olive oil from scratch. We will spend several weeks harvesting olives, going to the press and bottling olive oil at Guido Gualandi’s farm in Tuscany.

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