Lehman’s—Country Store BEST

Jay Lehman & Glenda Lehman Ervin

Troy and I had a ball at Lehman’s when we recently spent time in Amish Country. It’s an old-fashioned country store that speaks “home.” Full of books, products, equipment and everything else necessary to make life enjoyable (without leaving home), this over 30,000-square-foot location is an education in living without electricity. Located within the largest Amish and Mennonite settlement in the country, it is perfectly adapted for its surroundings.

Lehman's Interior

When stopping by the store, you can expect to learn timely lessons according to the seasons. We stop in a class on food preservation given by Melinda J. Hill, Extension Educator Family and Consumer Sciences as well as a butter churning demonstration by Local Choices Author Karen Geiser. Ideas for meals and gifts pop in our heads with every step through the store.

Our favorite products are local popcorn grown by the Amish, sweet smelling soaps and bumbleberry jam (think slurpee suicide—all flavors in one).

Chairman and Founder Jay Lehman and his daughter Glenda, Vice President of Marketing, couldn’t have been more accommodating. Their pride in the store is evident.

If you make the trip to Amish Country, we think this store offers some of the BEST country products around. To check them out, visit Lehman’s.

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