Making Cappelletti—Part I

Cappelletti Tray

Making Cappelletti is a blast. It is typically made by Italian families for Christmas or New Year’s Day.

During our stay in Italy, we spend a weekend making Cappelletti with the Rampons. By this point we have fallen in love with this family which makes our experience with Cappelletti even better.

Clara, the matron of the family, is kind enough to share her grandmother’s recipe. She brings out her century old rolling pin (Mattarello) and pasta board (Tagliere) to get things going.

Now this is no quick production. It’s two days in the making. The first day is spent boiling meat for the filling and the second day involves making pasta and broth.

Get ready to make Cappelletti. Part I is making the filling. Check it out now on our recipe tab.

Part II coming next.

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