My Dream is a Knockin’

My late son TJ planted a dream within me. It all started when I got pregnant. Immediately after we learned about this new life, I became inexplicably drawn to food television. Over the course of my pregnancy, this new love grew into what felt like a calling to have my own food TV show.

Carole & TJ

When TJ was five months old, I came up with my first TV show concept. I flew to NYC, and shot a mini-show (or sizzle) with my friend/producer Matt Meyer. A few weeks later, we found out that TJ was sick and everything changed.

After TJ died, and following a grueling five-year healing process, I inched back towards this calling. My husband and I decided to move to NYC, and I made it my mission to learn everything possible about food journalism and making television.

Behind-the-scenes-DOUGH 200x275

Fast forward to now (eight years later), and I’m finally producing and hosting my first food TV pilot! I feel like TJ gave me this dream so that I would have something to move towards, and find joy in, after he was gone.

I have no idea where this pilot will go, but I know that I’m following my soul. The show is called FOLLOW THAT CHEF, where I follow celebrity chefs from sunup to sundown to discover what their real lives are like, and who they really are behind the cameras. I’m totally thrilled, a bit terrified, and completely alive.


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