New Orleans—We Thank You

As we toast with fresh oysters, we bid farewell to New Orleans. With distinctive culture, depth and flair—New Orleans is a glorious place.

Not only is New Orleans exceptional in its own right, it healed our souls. Troy and I embarked on our trip to New Orleans after a few very dark months. We were shut down in our worlds without our son TJ.

Somehow New Orleans wormed its way inside both of us and lifted us back up. Perhaps it was the resilience of its people—or the fight of the city after Katrina, but New Orleans awakened us out of our fog. It showed us that music can still move us, food can still sing to us and good times can still be had—and that friends always help along the way.

Friends Make Everything Better

New Orleans, thank you for showing us that there is a lot of life still to live.

There is Nothing Like Bourbon Street

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