New Video – Making Cappelletti Pasta

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For all of you pasta lovers, we just posted this new video about making Cappelletti in Brodo (broth) with the Rampon family on CSP-TV. We absolutely loved learning how to make this Italian Christmas/New Year’s classic with our new friends. It was definitely one of our BEST stays in Italy.

Our host Clara shares her century old family secrets as she teaches us how to make her grandmothers recipe. Cappelletti is pasta made with eggs and flour, shaped into little pouches, filled with meat and typically served in broth. It is traditional for the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, in particular Modena.

As I taste it I feel like my grandmother (MeeMaw) is wrapping me up in a warm soft blanket. It emits salty steam and awakens every sense. The pasta filling is rich and meaty, while the broth is light and soothing. This dish is so crazy good that I simply can’t get enough.

By the way, to help the video play with slower internet connections try changing the settings to 360 pixels (once you hit play, go to the 720p box on the lower right hand side of the video and change it to 360p).

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