Our Film Has Been Selected: NYC Food Film Festival!

I’m thrilled to announce that our food film has been selected for the NYC Food Film Festival (NYCFFF)…WAHOO!

My husband Troy and I have a special place in our hearts for this Festival (and its producers) because it was our entree into New York City last year. Troy was the event photographer, and I worked behind the scenes at the 2012 Festival. Once we experienced the sensory delight, intrigue, and sexiness that was the NYCFFF, it was on. We would move to NYC. And we would submit a film to the 2013 Festival.

After we settled in NYC, we put a team together of old friends in our new city: Alexis Weed, a gymnast with me at Michigan State and a current reporter/producer at CNN. Matt Meyer, a high school friend and owner/producer of Impulse Media Productions, and my husband and food photographer, Troy. We joined forces with the swanky Danish restaurant Aamanns-Copenhagen to highlight its modern take on a traditional Danish dessert, Rødgrød Med Fløde.

Oh My Rødgrød! is the title of our super-short food porn film. Oh, this is something to get excited about. But maybe not in the way you are thinking. Food porn films showcase the extreme beauty of food, without dialogue. Our film is a 3.5-minute depiction of a culinary battle between traditional ingredients and a modern-day chef. In the film, we play with hard and soft. Our 6’6″ Danish Viking Chef Rasmus Kristensen (actual chef and creator of this dessert) creates a soft and delicate desert, with his own special twist. It’s a super-fun super-short.

For those of you in NYC, come see the premiere of Oh My Rødgrød! on the evening of October 25 at the NYCFFF. And TASTE it too (at the NYCFFF, you taste what you see on the screen). Get 10% OFF by using the code CHOPSIZZLEPOP10 at checkout. Be sure to come to the event “Untitled I.” Hope to see you there! We will be the team in Viking gear.

NYCFFF Friday Night Line-Up (enter CHOPSIZZLEPOP10 for 10% off)

Check out Troy, below the glass

Rødgrød Med Fløde

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