Our Italian Host Visits Ohio

Our Italian Friends

Giuseppe and his family came to stay with us this summer and we had a blast! It was their first time to the states and we were honored to be part of their trip.

Their stay began with an American breakfast at the German Village Coffee House. They had their first taste of French Toast, egg sandwhich and stack of pancakes and couldn’t get over how much food was served (especially since their typical breakfast is an espresso and cookie).

Ahhh... Carbonara

Troy took them bike riding and to climb the wall at Scioto Audubon. We had my family over for a traditional BBQ with corn on the cob and Bahama Mamas from Schmidt’s. We played in the backyard, swung on the hammock and caught fireflies. Elsa and Berardo had never seen these extraordinary lightning bugs. On the last night, Giuseppe made us his exquisite carbonara. We delighted in this dish while drinking wine that he brought from his vineyard. Love.

It made us realize so many wonderful things about our country and what we do for fun. Thanks for staying with us Iuliano’s.

Elsa, Giuseppe, Troy and Berardo

Next up… we take you back to Italy with us. We will share what we did during our stay with Giuseppe, how we made stinky cheese in the Alps (webisodes coming), interviews with truffle judges in Alba, making Zabaglione with our hosts in Torino and much more.

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