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Slow Food Restaurant

Troy and I are fortunate enough to visit the Slow Food headquarters in Bra, Italy while on our 10-week working farm tour. It’s like a pilgrimage. As we step off of the train in search of Slow Food I am overcome with giddiness. This is a place that represents many things that we love, as well as one of the most important movements in the world.

For those of you who are not yet familiar with Slow Food, it is a nonprofit organization that promotes good, clean and fair food worldwide. It is all about enjoying whole, fresh and quality food, slowly, while celebrating the culture and tradition it represents.

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We are thrilled to create an article for Edible Columbus based on our experience at the Slow Food headquarters. Edible Columbus is a fabulous quarterly magazine celebrating local foods, season by season. It is a great way to exlore our exciting food community, so find a copy here or subscribe here.

Slow Food hosts the Terra Madre event every two years which brings together artisan producers to form a global community. It took place in the fall of 2010 and out of the 400 total delegates, nine were from Central Ohio. You can read about their experiences in the sidebar of our Edible Columbus article.

Check out the article on page 44 of Edible Columbus

We hope you enjoy our article on Slow Food, and here’s to savoring your dinner tonight one bite and a time.

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