Raising the Bar in Columbus – Part II

Part I of Raising the Bar in Columbus features Robin Davis, Food Editor of The Columbus Dispatch. If you have not yet seen it, be sure to check out Robin’s Chef Rec and follow her BESTS around Columbus and beyond.

Part II of Raising the Bar in Columbus features Tricia Wheeler. Tricia is the Publisher & Editor of Edible Columbus. If you are not yet familiar with Edible Columbus, it is a beautiful magazine that celebrates local food season by season. It is filled with recipes, day trips and stories on the sustainable food scene. Edible Columbus is one of many Edible Community publications which are published across the United States, Canada and Europe.

Edible Columbus came to life when Tricia was reading an Edible Manhattan while riding the train on her way to culinary school at the French Culinary Institute in New York City (by the way, she finished #1 in her class). From that moment on, she was determined to bring this magazine to Columbus. This fall, Tricia published the third quarterly issue of Edible Columbus for us to enjoy.

I fell in love with Edible Traverse while in Traverse City, Michigan several summers ago. As soon as I heard that Tricia was bringing Edible Columbus to the scene, I hunted her down. Now, Troy and I are lucky enough to work with Tricia to photograph and write the “Worth the Trip” department of the magazine (and occasionally others).

Tricia, we are so excited that you brought Edible Columbus to our city. You are definitely raising the bar in Columbus!

To view the magazine and attend one of Tricia’s cooking classes, visit:
Edible Columbus

Try your hand at some of Tricia’s scrumptious Bastille Day recipes including Stuffed Vegetables with Classic Aioli—Trout with Lemon, Parsley, Wine and Butter—Potatoes Anna and Crepes Suzette (see Recipe tab).

You can also view her food recommendations and follow her BESTS around Columbus and beyond (see Chef Rec tab). Enjoy.

Now back to Italy. Troy and I are having a blast. Coming soon are posts on truffles, traditional Italian meals and our trip to the Parmigiano Reggiano factory. Pinch me.

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