Shout out to Columbus Food Adventures

Just thought that I would take us back to Columbus today. Troy and I joined a Columbus Food Adventure tour Friday night. We are thrilled to be among food lovers who seek unqiue eats.

Bethia Woolf (see her Chef Rec) invites us to join her Alt.Eats tour which stops at five ethnic joints around town. Included are Tanzanian, Vietnamese, Indian, Mexican and Somali restaurants. We pile into the Columbus Food Adventure van and are escorted around town, stopping to sample unique bites while chatting about our travels and food experiences.

Our BEST stop on the tour is the Somali restaurant, Solay Bistro. The owner, Nadira Abdirahman, is welcoming, attentive and passionate. The food is robust and made with quality ingredients. Try the beef sugaar (traditional Samali stew) with sabaayat (doughy yet crispy thin bread), and top the night off with a piping Somali Tea (simliar to masala chai – of course made from scratch).

I’m most excited to know Bethia because she has her thumb on the pulse of ethnic food and taco trucks in town. Her blogs are a road map for the most unique and interesting places to eat in Columbus.

Taco Trucks
Alternative, Off-Beat and Ethnic Restaurants
Street Food

And don’t forget to keep Columbus Food Adventures in mind for a taste of the city.

Columbus Food Adventures

Thank you Bethia and Andy for a great night!

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