Sunday Lunch Service

Dining Room with a View

Sunday lunches at Due Papaveri are very similar to dinner. Guests are welcomed with a glass of Prosecco, followed by four decadent courses, homemade liquors and coffee. It’s a not so light lunch—and it’s wonderful.

This Sunday we cook for 13 guests. We set cozy tables and begin lunch.

Antipasti: Baked Spelt Wrapped in Filo Dough


This savory starter is a pleasant surprise. I’ve not tasted anything like it before in my life. It is hearty, buttery and rich—and I dig it. It is made with spelt, a grain similar to corn with a barley-like texture which has an umami flavor (that 5th flavor that is present in mushrooms and meat). The spelt is mixed with ricotta, thyme, Parmigiano-Reggiano and Mortadella and stuffed into filo dough pouches. We bake these suckers and serve them piping hot with a sprinkling of Sale di Mima (see recipe tab), a drizzle of balsamic vinegar and a single chive.

Primi Piatti: Gemelli Pasta with Ratatouille Sauce

Pasta with Ratatouille

Sigis (one of our kitchen team members) is busy making the pasta sauce. He sautés onions, peppers and garlic, adds home jarred tomato sauce and lets it cook low and slow on the stovetop for at least an hour. He mixes it with Gemelli pasta and finishes it with Parmigiano-Reggiano, fresh oregano and a swig of olive oil.

Secondi Piatti: Honey Mustard Glazed Pork Shank with Roasted Eggplant

Today’s meat course is pork and it is cooked in one of Charlotte’s favorite ways. The cut is Stinco di Maiale, or the whole shank.

Honey Mustard Glazed Pork

Charlotte boils the meat in water with bay leaves, peppercorns and salt for two hours. She then glazes the shanks with a mixture of local raw honey and mustard, and pops them in the broiler until they are crispy brown. The meat falls off of the bone and tastes like fall. It is sweet, savory and all pig. I love this preparation. As Charlotte says “it works with most meats and always comes out perfectly”.

Dolci: Chocolate Cake with Mascarpone Cream

Chocolate Cake with Mascarpone Cream and Cachi

Lunch is completed with dark chocolate cake, served with mascarpone cream (see recipe tab) and a wedge of cachi. Cachi, or persimmon, is a common fruit in Italy. We are now in the heart of cachi season and these little devils drip with flavor. They are especially sweet and have the texture and shape of a tomato. They are the prefect accompaniment to the rich cake and creamy mascarpone.

What a lovely way to spend a Sunday.

Next… Charlotte’s Chef Rec and the finale of our stay at Due Papaveri.

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