The Italian Apéritif

Not Your Typical Fruit Punch

The Italians are wild about their apéritifs. As explained to us by many of our hosts, an apéritif is “a cocktail enjoyed with friends, in the early evening, served with free bites.”

Cured Meats & Fried Finger Food

Our host Alessandra works at Caffe’ Madera,“The place to be for apéritifs in Carpi.” She serves us her two favorites: a spritzer and a Franciacorta (an Italian sparkling).

Italian Apéritif

The spritzer is made with Aperol (liquor similar to Campari), sparking white wine, soda water, and citrus fruit. It’s sweet, bitter, and fizzy. Everything a drink should be. The Franciacorta is perfectly crisp. Troy and I have a ball sipping cocktails, eating salty snacks, and watching the crowd chatter.

Today at cocktail time, saddle up to the bar and order yourself an Italian spritzer. You won’t be disappointed.

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