The Rampons: Staying with a Chef’s family outside Modena

Giorgio and Alessandra Rampon

Troy and I hit the jackpot when we find the Rampon family outside of Modena, Italy (in a town called Carpi known for its fashion). We find Alessandra Rampon through Cough Surfing of all places and have an instant connection with her. It gets better as we learn about her father, Giorgio, who is a chef at an eco-bio pub. That’s right, we are sold.

Alessandra picks us up at the train station and we are whisked away to the family house. Giorgio welcomes us with a steaming bowl of homemade soup paired with Lambrusco wine. Little do we know how much fun we are about to have with the Rampon family of seven.

Check out Giorgio’s Chef Rec (Chef Rec tab) to get to know his BESTS in Italy and beyond. I found his favorite beer particularly interesting: Trappist beer made by monks in Belgium. I must try it.

More about our stay at the Rampon’s to come.

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