Anne Kearney

Rue Dumaine Restaurant
Dayton, OH

Best Accomplishment: A professional dinner with Julia Child
Best Personal Moment: Surviving an aneurysm and three brain surgeries

Best Farmers Market: Centerville Farmers Market
Best Kitchen Tool: Shun
Best Home Cooked Meal: Steamed artichokes with butter and aioli

Best Restaurant, Period: Bistro Jeanty - Napa Valley
Best Local Food: Meadowlark - Dayton, OH
Best Pizza: Flying Pizza - Dayton, OH
Best Cheap Eat: XOCO - Chicago, IL
Best BBQ: Charles Vergos' Rendezvous - Memphis, TN
Best Asian Food: Nobu - New York, NY
Best Mexican Food: Taqueria Corona - New Orleans, LA
Best Sushi: Nobu - New York, NY
Best Hidden Gem: Olive - Dayton, OH

Best Winery: Domaine Serene - Seattle, WA
Best Coffee House: Kaldi's Coffee Shop - New Orleans, LA

Best Movie: The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover

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