Henri Lewbel

White Toque, Inc.
Detroit, MI

Best Accomplishment: Family and friends
Proudest Moment: Becoming Executive Chef
Cooking Philosophy: Simplify cooking

Best Farmers Market: Paris, France
Best Kitchen Tool: Frying pan
Best Home Cooked Meal: Quail in porcini mushroom and port wine sauce
Best Dinner Party Menu: Typical French
Best Party Appetizer: Pan fried foie gras with tamarind sauce
Best Cheese: Aged Camembert

Best Restaurant, Period: Centenary - France
Best Breakfast/Brunch: Sofitel - Chicago, IL
Best Pizza: Pizzeria Bianco - Phoenix, AZ
Best Cheap Eat: Mountain King Chinese Restaurant - Birmingham, MI
Best Ethnic: Restaurant CĂ©leste Empire - Geneva, Switzerland
Best Sushi: Montreal, Canada
Best Hidden Gem: La Sardine - Chicago, IL (French)

Best Wine Under $15: Tikal Amorio Malbec
Best Beer: Kronenbourg Brewery
Best Coffee/Tea: Carte Noire/Chinese Gunpowder (green tea)
Best Cocktail: Manhattan

Best Song: Lady Magdalene - Neil Diamond
Best Movie: Out of Africa

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