Rick Bayless

Frontera Grill, Frontera Fresco, Topolobampo, XOCO
Chicago, IL

Best Accomplishment: My daughter, Lanie
Proudest Moment: Winning Top Chef Masters and $110,000 for my charity: Frontera Farmer Foundation
Cooking Philosophy: Do your homework, have fun and make it your own.

Best Farmers Market: Chicago’s Green City Market
Best Kitchen Tool: Mexican lime squeezer
Best Home Cooked Meal: Chicken pot pie
Best Dinner Party Menu: Paella
Best Party Appetizer: Guacamole
Best Cheese: I love to sprinkle our homemade queso fresco on just about anything.

Best Restaurant, Period: No way—I eat out too much and know too many people.
Best Breakfast/Brunch: I love the brunch at Nightwood in Chicago and at Takashi’s in Chicago.
Best Pizza: My own in my back yard Pizza oven (spiced up with tomatillo salsa!)
Best Cheap Eat: Garrett’s popcorn
Best Ethnic: Thai
Best Sushi: Murai in Chicago

Best Wine Under $15: New Zealand Savignon Blancs
Best Beer: Bohemia
Best Coffee/Tea: Intelligentsia

Best Song: I am really into musicals—anything from GLEE
Best Movie: I loved Eat, Drink, Man, Woman

Chef photo courtesy of Mike Altimier, CMH magazine.

Check out our article on Rick Bayless in CMH Magazine.

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