Due Papaveri’s Orange Balsamic Jam (Arancia)

SOURCE: Charlotte Tveen Hansen - Agriturismo Due Papaveri, Italy

COOK TIME/PREP TIME: Approximately 2 hours

2 Kilos (4.4 lbs) organic oranges
1 Kilo (2.2 lbs) sugar
1 Liter (4 cups) balsamic vinegar (depending on the intensity you want)

1. Chop whole oranges (including the rind) into the size that you like in your jam. I prefer thin slivers of orange about 1 centimeter long.
2. Mix all ingredients in a pan and cover
3. Cook on low heat for approximately two hours or until desired consistency

If the jam gets too thick, thin it with orange juice

This recipe is one that Charlotte has perfected over many years. She serves it with a wedge of Parmigiano-Reggiano and freshly baked bread before dinner. It is one of our BESTS at Due Papaveri.

She gave this recipe to me verbally during a drive to Bologna, so my interpretations and preferences are included.

Choose a balsamic vinegar that is good quality. It does not have to be aged (or very expensive) since it is boiled with sugar.

It is very important to use organic oranges since the entire orange is boiled down and we don't want unnatural chemicals interfering with the jam.

When properly bottled, this jam is great to store for future use. It also makes a perfect gift.

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