Due Papaveri’s Pasta Dough

SOURCE: Charlotte Tveen Hansen - Agriturismo Due Papaveri, Italy

YIELD: Pasta for one - Just multiply for more

100g (.8 cups) flour per person
1 egg per person
Salt and pepper

Flour and eggs are kneaded until the dough is smooth and hard enough (not too sticky). The rule of egg pasta is always one egg per person. Add the flour gradually to get the consistency just right.

The above recipe is translated from Italian and includes Carole's notes from class. It was sourced from Charlotte's cookbook, CARLOTTA CUCINA. The original recipe is below for Italian blog readers:

1 Uovo a persona
Sale e pepe

Farina e uova vengono impastati fino a ottenere un impasto abbastanza duro e liscio. La regola della pasta all uovo e sempre un a persona. Aggiungi la farina man mano per ottenere la cansistenza guista.

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