Due Papaveri’s Rosette (Rose shaped pasta with Prosciutto and Fontina)

SOURCE: Charlotte Tveen Hansen - Agriturismo Due Papaveri, Italy

YIELD: 4 people

½ lb Thinly sliced prosciutto
Parmigiano Reggiano
¼ lb Thinly sliced Fontina
Dash of nutmeg
2 cups of Béchamel sauce
Pasta dough for 4 people

See pasta dough recipe to make the dough.

Roll out the dough and pull it thin (pasta should be in one layer, flat and look similar to a large lasagna sheet). Layer the sheet of pasta with a thin coating of béchamel sauce, slices of ham, Fontina cheese and a little nutmeg.

Roll up and cut all the rolls to approximately 2 cm. When cut, the rose shaped pasta should look like the example on the photo above. If you are looking at the plate as a clock, the rosette is at nine o'clock.

Place each rose shaped roll in a baking pan with parchment paper. Pour béchamel over the pan and a little grated Parmigiano Reggiano. Cover the pan with aluminum foil and bake for approximately 22 minutes at 350 degrees. During the last 5 minutes remove the foil so that the rolls become golden.

The above recipe is translated from Italian and includes some of Carole's notes from class. It was sourced from Charlotte's cookbook, CARLOTTA CUCINA. The original recipe is below for Italian blog readers:

250 g Di fette di prosciutto cotto - tagliato sottile
Parmigiano Reggiano grattugiato
100 g di fontina a fette sottili noce moscata
1/2 liter di besciamella
Pasta sfoglia per 4 persona

Stendi la pasta e tirala sottile. Copri con le fettine di prosciutto sopra: poi aggiungi le fette di formaggio fontina e un po di noce moscata. Arrotola il tutto e taglia dei rotolini di ca. 2 cm. Le tue rosette vengono appoggiate in una teglia con carta da forno. Versa la besciamella sopra e grattugia un po di parmiggian reggiano. Copri la teglia con carta stagnola e cuoci al forno ca. 22 min. a 180. Gli ultima 5 minutes. Togli la stagnola in modo che le rosette diventino dorate.

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