Sale di Mima (Rosemary & Garlic Salt)

SOURCE: Mima - Modena, Italy

YIELD: 3 cups

1 cup fresh garlic
1 cup fresh rosemary
1 cup of your favorite salt (mine is Fleur De Sel)

1. Chop the garlic, set aside
2. Chop the rosemary, set aside
3. Combine all ingredients and dry for three days
4. Grind with a mortar and pestle

Our host Willie Cappi's mother Mima makes this salt and Charlotte uses it frequently in her gourmet restaurant. It's a great staple to have in your kitchen and is delicious on meats, vegetables and most everything. It's one of our BESTS at Due Papaveri.

Charlotte gave this recipe to me verbally during dinner service at Due Papaveri and it includes my interpretation.

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