Guggisberg’s Cheese Fondue

SOURCE: Guggisberg Cheese

4 oz. Gruyere cheese
10 oz. Baby Swiss cheese
1 Tbsp. cornstarch
Pinch minced garlic
6 oz. white wine
1/2 oz. dry sherry

In a medium pot, over medium heat, saute garlic for 10 seconds, Do Not Brown!

Add wine and bring to a boil

Add the two cheeses, stir with a wisk constantly until melted

When the cheese is melted and smooth, mix in the dry sherry

If fondue is too thick add more wine, if it is too thin add more cheese.

Troy and I visited the Guggisberg Cheese factory during our research for our "Worth the Trip" article in Edible Columbus featuring Amish Country. We had this fondue for lunch and loved it. Guggisberg generously shared this recipe with us.

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