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NYC Food Film Festival Selection: Oh My Rødgrød!

As I look back over 2013, creating the food film short Oh My Rødgrød! as well as the video What’s NEXT From the Creator of the Cronut? were some of the biggest thrills of the year. In 2013, my husband...
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Oh My Rødgrød! Trailer & The Food Film Festival

Sneak peeks, aquavit, and trailers, oh my! To get in the mood for the upcoming NYC Food Film Festival, this post is packed with pre-Festival goodies. For those of you not yet acquainted with our super-short food film Oh My...
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Our Film Has Been Selected: NYC Food Film Festival!

I’m thrilled to announce that our food film has been selected for the NYC Food Film Festival (NYCFFF)…WAHOO! My husband Troy and I have a special place in our hearts for this Festival (and its producers) because it was our...
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